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Did You Get Ripped Off by Dave Burke? This Will Make You Puke.

Dave Burke is back after having had his debt elimination scam like company shut down by regulators. You can read all about his last effort, here.

Burke is back but now hyping his “business miracle” idea. He even had the balls to promote this to at least some people that got burned on his last debt elimination efforts with his Real Talk Network approach. This time he’s promoting his miracle cure as a “Debt Elimination/Extraordinary Income event!”

He appears to be pushing some product or service that names David Bach, Debt Eliminator Plus, and Visalus.

Visilus Sciences “is a multilevel marketing company headquartered in Los Angeles, California with offices in Troy Michigan.[3] ViSalus, a subsidiary of Blyth, Inc., markets weight management nutritional products, dietary supplements, and energy drinks in the United States and Canada. The company’s primary product Vi-Shake is a meal replacement beverage which is marketed as a weight loss aid. ViSalus’ 90 day Body by Vi Challenge is a program in which participants can win prizes for purchasing products and losing weight. Visalus has been criticized for using cult-like tactics in trying to recruit new people to sell their product.” – Source

Here is what Burke has to say about his Debt Eliminator Plus approach. Sounds like the same thing you can do using this free online calculator. Oh heck, just use all the free online calculators, click here.

Here is what one consumer sent in about the Debt Eliminator Plus approach, “I got scammed by Dave Burke and the Real Talk Network… Even assisted the Colorado DA as a witness in the shut down of Real Talk. I just received an email from Dave Burke about a Debt Eliminator Program… It looks like he’s at it again and I want to stop him before he screws even more people.”

The latest gimmick will make you ill if you are one of the many still waiting for a refund from the last enterprise. This is part of the email he sent out to consumers.

My bet, here we go again.


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Steve Rhode is the Get Out of Debt Guy and has been helping good people with bad debt problems since 1994. You can learn more about Steve, here.
  • Steve

    This guy is a JOKE. A Vulture who should be kicked out of Visalus. My Zeek team will NEVER look at that opp ever. The PR loss from what he did today is so BIG that the word will get out.

  • BuddyGirl

    Unbelievable that Dave and Marie would take advantage of people who were sincerely looking for additional information about Zeek. And he had the nerve to say that Zeekler gives Network Marketing a bad name. It is instead people like David Burke and Maria Bennett who give Network Marketing a bad name. Thank you Dave and Maria for wasting our time on top of everything else. Oh, and they hung up the line before people could ask their questions. Very tricky…

  • JP

    THis creep just hosted a webinar that was made to look like an official information seminar for those who got burned when another scheme (Zeek rewards) was shut down by the SEC last week. He and some bimbo then gave a presentation trying to recruit these people, most which lost thousands to the Zeek scam, for his latest magic potion scam.
    Just proves again that EVERY network marketing program is a scam, and EVERY promoter, like this guy, is a crook.

  • Edward

    The cars are leased in your name. You don’t win them. Just another pyramid scheme!!!

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