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“Dear Steve,

I used to make $140k, but then got divorced and lost my job. We had over $100k in credit card debt. My husband already declared BK but I haven’t for fear it would reduce my employability. My debt went delinquent 9/09 so I have already put in 3 years and they will fall off my credit in four years. None have sued. I just get the occasional call or letter. If I declare bankruptcy now, it will stay for seven years. I just got a job but only make $36k. I have a very old car and my only asset is my 401k. I’m inclined to not declare BK and just wait four years.

Why would I declare BK rather than just waiting another 4 years?


Dear Lisa,

It seems that what is holding you down now is the delinquent debt and the fact you are probably having a tough time trying to reestablish credit with all that delinquent debt.

For me the real question is this:

  1. Do you want to wait to wait four years and limp along as you are and then hope you are not up for a lifetime of your debt being sold and resold and collectors hunting you down, or;
  2. Do you want to deal with this now, get the legal fresh start and second chance the law allows you and start rebuilding a better future today.

Which of those two scenarios sounds like the path you’d rather follow. Let me know and I’ll get you going in the right direction.

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