I Applied for a Mortgage With Great Western Bank in Idaho. I Think I Have Unauthorized Access In My Checking Account. – Dave

“Dear Steve,

i applied for a loan to buy a house with great western bank in eldora, iowa. i have poor credit from previous problems so the guy i was thinking of buying the house from was thinking of cosigning on the loan.

i filled out my application and then he was going to fill his out, i don’t remember if his was on the same form as mine but i didn’t think it was. the loan didn’t happen but later i was talking to a friend of mine and the guy that was going to cosign had been given access to my checking account and was telling my friend about the checks i had written, who they were to, and so on. and as i had been working for him the year before he sent me a 1099.

funny thing is i never gave him my social security number or filled out a w-9. if he had ask me i would have but the only way he could have gotten that was from the bank

i’m not sure what to do, getting the 1099 isn’t a big deal i was going to claim making the money anyway, but i’m kinda mad about him running his mouth about my checking account which i don’t think he should of seen to start with.

what can i do about this unauthorized access to my checking account ?


Dear Dave,

It should be a simple matter to block access to your account. I would suggest you visit the bank in person and explain the situation. They should be able to promptly and courteously make sure nobody else but you is one the account. I would also advise changing your debit card number, if you have one, and your password for any online access you might have.

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