I Signed Up for Debt Settlement With Davenport Law. Now They Are Talking a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. – Alfonso

“Dear Steve,

I owe about $10,000.00 of credit card debt. I have made arrangements with settlement companies on a couple of them and they appeared on my credit report. I signed up for assistance with Davenport Law out of Dallas, TX, and have been paying $40 monthly fees for about 4 years now.

I was recently contacted by a legal assistant from Davenport Law and he advised me that I was a candidate for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. He advised me that for $2,000.00, I could clear up my credit and would be able to re-establish my credit very quickly. He also stated that it could happen very quickly.

I advised him that I wanted some time to think it over and if I would do it, I would want to wait till after the holidays to make a decision. He quickly stated that if I’m going to wait 2 months, I might as well continue with the lengthy credit settlement process. He then asked how much I had saved up and why I would wait so long to make a decision.

My question is, can this really be true or is he trying to scam $2,000.00 from me and not post anything? I don’t believe that he has seen my latest credit report and may be operating on the original credit report I submitted to them 4 years ago. Should I continue business with them or cancel services? How difficult is it to cancel services if I need to?


Dear Alfonso,

I think the bigger question here is why are they just now suggesting bankruptcy? The positive attributes of bankruptcy exist today and existed at the time you were signed into the program.

I don’t think they are trying to scam you out of a Chapter 13 bankruptcy fee but first we need to see if you might be qualified for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy where your debt would be discharged in a few months.

As a matter of getting a second opinion I would suggest you click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney. You can select any bankruptcy attorney licensed in your state and review the situation with them.

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If Davenport Law charged you advance fees for their services and took their fees from the money you’ve been depositing with them and is now saying bankruptcy would be better and faster, that does concern me. Why now?

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