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How Long Will I Have to Go to Jail in the UAE for My Bad Debts? – Darran

“Dear Steve,

I have bank loan and cc debt in UAE what is the policy of I dont pay and surrender myself to the jail?how long? And what happens to my debt after that? And would be allowed in the country again to come back did the UAE not putting me ban in Dubai?and also if ever I settled my credit by putting me in jail? As this is some answer I have told that 1 month jail followed by deportation in future no approvals on bank loan in cc, and if the bank realise that I am out of the country can they stop me from travelling back from Dubai because im currently working in Kuwait im still paying my debt,is there 0% of the loan cleared or an amount before the bank wont put a case?


Dear Darran,

I have no idea what the sentence would be in your specific situation. You’d need to discuss this with an attorney in the UAE or Dubai.

It is my understand that for some people their debt is eliminated after a jail stay. Others though have said their debt was still due after a stay in jail. Again, this is why you must really speak to an in-country lawyer or attorney.

If the bank files charges against you for failure to pay you may be banned from entering any GCC country and arrested at the airport when you attempt to enter the United Arab Emirates. However, if you are just transferring flights, people report no problems.

If you have negotiated a mutually agreeable repayment plan and you are making those payments on-time then I would not expect the bank to file a case against you.

If you are a UAE citizen there are certain funds and programs available to you to deal with this debt.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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  • i have debts also in kuwait… my visa is near expiration cant get a fix job because i was terminated by my company… cant use my residency to work in another company… will i face time and deportaion?

  • dear draan

    please surrender your self to police and then they will take you in the court . In court your bank lan case amount to be reviewd and then will be decided the tenure for jail. as per sources if you have a amount from one bank like 1 lac dhiram tne you will have to in the jail for 30 days or you will have to pay amount arround 2000 AED to get out from jail.

    so just talk to lawyer in dubai and take the decision and after court decision there would be no loan on you.


    • I am bank defaulter in UAE regards credit card and loans
      (total of less than 25000 DHS from different banks), during emergency leave
      they terminate me in April 2008. So I want to settle that amount by instalment.
      So how can I pay them and can they offer me interest free amount?

      Please help me

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