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“Dear Steve,

There is a major concern about the legal owner of the note that is held on my property due to the robo signing scandal. My loan taken out in 2002 was with Bank United in Miami Fl: it was I (believe) sold to BOA? I now understand that note is now with Wells Fargo ? Ticton law group have told me that they will have a forensic audit on my documents by a independent audit Co: then based on the results will actively fight any foreclosure by BOA. I am seeking a restructure of my loan with BOA with a MHA restructure loan but this is a long and at times seem a fruitless.

can you please give guidance as to the Ticktin law group how successful have they been in defending foreclosures in Florida. Can you please help in advising have the Ticktin law group been successful defending/ in and wining foreclosure cases


Dear Robert,

Bank of America can be very difficult to work with. There is no doubt about that. It’s not clear what your issue primarily is. Are you most concerned that the transfer of the note was invalid or that Wells Fargo, your alleged current note holder, is not able to offer you any modification? Can you even afford the property?

You did not say what Ticktin Law Group was going to charge you for this assistance. Are they doing this for free or requiring that you pay some fee upfront for their help?

Your questions about the success rate of Ticktin Law Group are ones that you should ask them to respond to and put their answers in writing.

If it might help, read The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line. This article will give you some additional questions to ask them during your screening process.

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In closing, make sure that you are trying to deal with a specific issue and seek appropriate advice and assistance with that. It’s easy for sales people to talk consumers into feeling like them been victimized and need to fight back for a fee.

It’s always appropriate to seek a second opinion before you pay big bucks for mortgage help. Talk to a real estate attorney licensed in your state. And one more thing, you may want to read over the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services rules to learn what fees are illegal to pay upfront.

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  1. Don’t even consider it. It’s all about delay, so they can charge you monthly. The audit is just another way to make money. Pure BS.


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