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Greg wrote in asking for some advice. He said:

My mother-in-law has over $20,000 in credit card debt she needs to get rid of this debt so she concentrate on paying her medical bills. Would you suggest Debt Relief or Bankruptzy?
If Debt Relief can you sugggest an agency?


Thank you for your question. It brings up some interesting points.

For some, $20,000 does not sound like a lot of money but the reality is no matter what the number is, too much is too much.

Medical debts are a leading contributing factor towards bankruptcy. In the U.S. we have an inequitable situation when it comes to affordable healthcare. Those that can’t afford superior health insurance wind up being billed for the full amount due for medical services, and at rates higher than people with insurance have to pay. This only leads to mounting bills that just can’t be paid.

What concerns me most about this situation is that we don’t know if the medical bills are going to continue. If this is an ongoing situation, they will.

Now, you asked about a Debt Relief agency and I think you should look into what solutions are available from this one.

But I also think that your mother-in-law wold be smart to meet with a bankruptcy attorney to find out what bankruptcy would mean for her. Only once she has investigated both options will she be able to make an informed decision about which path is best for her. She can find a local bankruptcy attorney here.


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