What Debt Relief Companies Get Horribly Wrong When Helping Seniors

Almost half of seniors have incomes within 200% of the poverty line. They are classified as economically vulnerable and retire owing more debt than ever before. It is natural then that seniors with financial problems would search for someone to help them. Before the internet, communities had a local Consumer Credit Counseling Agency that would … Read more

Wise Debt Relief – Scam, Complaint, Review, or Praise?

Please share your experience with this debt relief company and provide your review and feedback, in the comments section below. The goal of this page is to allow people to share information that may be important to help others to make a more informed decision regarding their experience with this debt relief company. Here are … Read more

Consumers in Life and Money Trouble More Likely to be Scammed

Consumers who were more willing to take risks and those who had recently experienced a negative life event (such as a divorce, death of a family member or close friend, serious injury or illness in their family, or the loss of a job) were much more likely to have been victims of fraud and scams. … Read more

Debt Relief. – Jackie

“Dear Steve, I have large credit card debt don’t know where to turn for debt relief. Jackie” Dear Jackie, Well the good news is debt relief is possible and you’ve taken the first step towards dealing with your debt. Congratulations. But I think you’d have to agree with me that there’s quite a bit of … Read more

State Law Group – Consumer Review – 12-28-2011

Date You First Used This Company: April 1, 2011 State You Live in: Oregon Race/Ethnicity: Age Range: 51-65 Total Amount of Fee Paid: $3,495 Company Name: State Law Group Company Address: 4533 MacArthur Blvd. Suite 1000 Newport Beach, CA 92660 Company Telephone Number: 866-920-8917 Website of Company: state-lawgroup.com Describe the Service You Received: State Law … Read more

Bankcard Issuance High But Still Not Good Sign for Debt Relief Industry

Just like the economy, credit card issuers are sending mixed signals about consumer debt. I wanted to share my opinions and read the tea leaves this month. Equifax is reporting credit cards are being issued at a faster rate this year. “More than 18 million new bankcards have been originated between January-June 2011. While this … Read more

I’m Working at a Debt Relief Call Center in Florida and I Think It’s a Scam

“Dear Steve, I am working at a call center in florida, just started the job, and I think its a scam. The company is only doing business in Canada under two companies, that we are told to say we are a separate entity from us. They used to be called Vortex before, and I have … Read more

Certified Debt Mediator Seal, Worthless or a Scam. Don’t Fall For It.

I’ve started to notice that some companies are using the Certified Debt Mediator seal to help build consumer confidence in the financial services they are offering. The sites I’ve seen seem to use similar language in describing what this seal means. A Certified Debt Mediator must pass a six month course to become a “Certified … Read more

How Can I Find a Good Credit Counseling Company? – Landi

“Dear Steve, Hello. I seem to have gotten myself deep in debt. I don’t want to file bankruptcy. Is there a good credit counseling, debt relief company/group that can help me lower payment or cut my debt. I have heard most freeze your accounts and it shows up on your credit. Thanks for your help. … Read more

Greg Writes In Asking For Help And Advice

Greg wrote in asking for some advice. He said: My mother-in-law has over $20,000 in credit card debt she needs to get rid of this debt so she concentrate on paying her medical bills. Would you suggest Debt Relief or Bankruptzy? If Debt Relief can you sugggest an agency? Greg, Thank you for your question. … Read more

How You Can Get Out of Debt Fast Without Filing Bankruptcy

So there’s this guy, Scott, who has developed an ultimate guide to getting out of debt. Sure, I’m as skeptical as the next guy but after looking over the information I was left with a problem, it looked pretty good. His information page actually contains a bunch of information that you don’t normally see which … Read more

I’m Working With Franklin Debt Relief on a Debt Settlement Program. – Rob

“Dear Steve, I had about $12,00 worth of credit card debt. I signed up with a debt settlement company (Franklin Debt Relief) and they worked down my two biggest debts. However, it does show as settled for less than full amount. I have three more debts that need to be paid. I had to make … Read more

I Am Pregnant and Unemployed. Are Their Companies That Can Provide Me With Debt Relief? – Chris

“Dear Steve, I’m 3 months pregnant. I have been out of work since February of this year. I have an outstanding credit card debt of approximately $12,000. I’m afraid that I won’t find a job soon to pay off my debt and eventually be homeless with child. Are there any companies that provide debt relief … Read more

I’m Enrolled with The Consumer Law Group and Can’t Afford My Medication. – Dauna

Dauna “Dear Steve, I am 62, on disability and enrolled with Consumer Law Group last July. Because of my declining health, I need the funds which currenty go to the Consumer Law Group, for medication. My question is, if I discontinue these payments, will my retirement pension, which I receive in addition to social security, … Read more