Phillips Law Center / Brent Phillips – Consumer Complaint – December 4, 2012

Consumer Statement:

We have been SCAMMED! We paid Phillips Law Center $2,995.00 August 2011. They said that they were experts in getting mortgage companies to work with them. We were told that they would get our mortgage modified so that we would not lose our home. Today is 11/30/2012 and NOTHING has been done by Phillips Law Center to assist us in getting our mortgage modified. They simply took our money and SCAMMED us! We filed a complaint with the BBB in California but Brent Phillips lied and worked the system so that the case is now closed and there is no way for us to comment any further. We were told that the only thing we can do is go after him in small claims court. Brent Phillips said on the final BBB report that we no longer claim that we were scammed – THIS IS REDICULOUS AND IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!! Brent Phillips is a total crook and needs to be arrested and placed in jail. He changes the name of his law firm every couple of months to cover up his criminal activity. WE DO STILL CLAIM THAT BRENT PHILLIPS SCAMMED US AND TOOK $2,995.00 FROM US AND DID NOTHING TO MODIFY OUR MORTGAGE. All he did was leave a few messages on the voice-mail of the Wells Fargo mortgage phones. There was no follow up and nothing was accomplished. BRENT PHILLIPS TOLD US TO FILE FOR BANKRUPTSY! HE PROVIDED THE NAME AND NUMBER OF A BANKRUPTSY ATTORNEY!!! DO NOT BE SCAMMED BY BRENT PHILLIPS, PHILLIPS LAW CENTER, FARMERS LAW GROUP or any other name he is going by at this point in time.

Consumer Action Taken:

We spoke with Brent Phillips on the phone several times. He has refused to give us our money back. He has placed total lies on the BBB web site and we feel powerless at this point to get our money back. We tired to negotiate with him but he is a cook and did what crooks do. He took our money and that is it.

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Date This Problem Happened: August 3, 2011

State You Live in: Maryland

Race/Ethnicity: White

Age Range: 51-65

Total Amount of Fee Paid: $2,995

Company Name: Phillips Law Center, Brent Phillips

Company Address:

Phillips Law Center,
4500 Campus Drive
Suite 135,
Newport Beach, California

Company Telephone Number: 888-429-6606

Website of Company: phillipslawcenterplc.com

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