Who Are These Wage Shield People?

A reader contacted me and wanted to know more Wage Shield. The company claims that for $2,995 per couple they can protect assets from creditors.

The Wage Shield website is very open on sales information but short on critical details.

The site says the representative is Jason Oswald and the company name is Hennessy & Associates, LLC. But the site provides no identification I could find regarding where the company is actually located.

According to public records, the domain name wageshield.com is actually owned by:

National Debt
Tim Shannon
1130 Bergman Drive
Stillwater, Minnesota 55082

The State of Minnesota has no company registered to do business under the name Hennessy & Associates.

The WageShield website does provide an additional clue. It says, “My name is Jason L. Oswald (aka The Debt Help Guy), and I want to personally thank you for visiting this site. I’m the owner of National Debt Consultants, Inc. (NDC), a national debt settlement service that has helped thousands eliminate their debts while protecting their rights.” – Source

So if Jason L. Oswald is the owner of National Debt Consultants, Inc. then why sign the website as Jason L. Oswald of Hennessy & Associates, LLC? Odd.

The National Debt Consultants website says that company is located in Minnesota at:

13055 Riverdale Drive NW
Suite 5-309
Minneapolis, MN 55433

They also say their telephone number is 888-883-3287, the exact same number as Wage Shield. Interesting. – Source

The mailing address of the company looks like a mail drop at a local UPS store that is actually in Coon Rapids. – Source

The State of Minnesota shows National Debt Consultants, Inc. is a registered corporation that is licensed in the state.

This is just what I was able to locate in a few minutes. There certainly are some unanswered questions about the company. I would suggest that if anyone is considering using the services of such a company they follow this guide to check them out before parting with your money.

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Additionally, consider that if you want to investigate asset protection it might be in your best interest to consult an attorney that is licensed in your state.


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13 thoughts on “Who Are These Wage Shield People?”

  1. STAY AWAY FROM JASON, HE IS BIG SCAM! I hired his services to consolidate three credit cards and did not pay for my last Card., he demanded more money then what was agreed and never paid for it, over 7,000 desapear from the payments i did to him through Global Solutions. When my last payment went through he never answered my phone calls, nor email. i never receive a confirmation from the CC bank confirming that they received what i paid. The have been looking for me after five years. REPORT HIM, HE IS A SCAM!

  2. did you every get a list of states that Jason Oswald and H&A is registered. i can not seem to find any information on this sub company either.

  3. Thanks for your posting and helping keep your readers informed. I’d like to add to your post as I am Jason Oswald and I am the owner of National Debt Consultants, Inc. & Hennessy & Associates, LLC, which are two companies that we operate under. National Debt Consultants, Inc. is a Minnesota Corporation and Hennessy & Associates is registered in a different state. If anyone ever has a question, they can always contact us via email or our toll free number of 888-883-3287. Once again, thanks again for your post.

          • It’s not a secret, nor is it public knowledge. People form Corporations and LLC, some private, some public. Those that form private companies are usually for security, privacy, anonymity and protection of owners and members. If I was trying to keep secrets from people, I wouldn’t put our company name and phone number online as well as my emails.

          • So here is the thing. If you want to be all spy spooky secret, that’s fine. But you are supposed to be registered to do business in the state you are located and there is no record of the company being registered to do business in MN. So if the company is not registered in MN, where is it registered to do business?

          • Steve, I’m sure you’re aware this is not the case and a business having to be registered in a state is contingent on what type of business one is operating. The businesses are registered and are are privately held. Once again, thank you for all that you do.

          • That is a very odd response and certainly not one that’s comforting. We will just have to leave it that you are unwilling to demonstrate that Hennessy & Associates is potentially not a legitimately licensed or registered to do business. To me that sets off all sorts of red flags.

            Your website says the company is located at:

            Hennessy & Associates, LLC.
            13055 Riverdale Drive NW #5-309
            Minneapolis, MN 55433

            And the State of Minnesota has no record of a Hennessy & Associates, LLC that is authorized or registered to do business in the state. Can you provide some proof that you are?

          • Steve, the website says the mailing address is in Minnesota, no where on the website does it say the corporate address or registered agent is in Minnesota. I’m not going to continue to go back and forth with you to defend myself or companies that I’m associated with. Once again, I appreciate all you do and the review of my website, but I’m not going to go any further. We have no complaints about this program, I was merely taking my time to clarify things and as much as individuals have rights to privacy and protection, so do companies. Thank you for your time and review.

          • No problem. So what states are your registered in and licensed to conduct business if not in MN?

            According to the State of Minnesota a foreign LLC must register and file a Certificate of Authority to Conduct Business in Minnesota.

            “To do business in Minnesota, all LLCs organized outside of the state must register with the Minnesota Secretary of State. Foreign LLCs must appoint a registered agent for service of process physically located in Minnesota. To register, file a Foreign Limited Liability Company Certificate of Authority to Transact Business in Minnesota. The application may be filed online or by mail. The filing fee is $185.

            Before filing, make sure the LLC’s name is available in Minnesota by checking the Minnesota business name database. If the name is not available, the foreign LLC must adopt an assumed name for use in Minnesota.” – http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/minnesota-form-llc-32069.html

            “You want to do business in the state of Minnesota but are registered as a Domestic LLC in another state. In order to legally conduct business in the state of Minnesota you must register with the Minnesota Secretary of State as a Foreign LLC. The process of registering as a Foreign LLC in Minnesota is called Minnesota LLC Foreign Qualification.”

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