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“Dear Steve,

my ex boss borrowed me 1600.00 for a car, we made a personal contract between the two of us that he printed of the internet, i no longer work for him and it did not end well, on the contract it states i will pay 150.00 a month until paid in full, it does not say whether or not i need to make my payment by the first or the last of the month it just says i will pay one time a month. i make my payment every month by the last day of the month on time. days before the end of the month he will text me and tell me that i am past due on my payment when i’m really not. my name is the only name on the title and there is no lien holder, i also have the bill of sale from the credit union i bought it that says it was sold to me and says nothing about him borrowing me the money

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can my boss reposess my car if he is not a lien holder and my name is the only name on the title?


Dear Holli,

Sounds like this was just a personal loan between the two of you and the car was not pledged as collateral.

You’d have to talk to an attorney that is licensed in your state for specific legal advice but just from a practical point of view I don’t know what right he’d have to take your car.

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