I Was Studying in England But Had to Return to Greece. I Left Debt Behind.

“Dear Jon,

I am a Greek citizen and 3 years ago (mid-September 2009) I started a course at an English university. Due to some personal problems I had to return in Greece only after a month or so (October 2009), so I cut my course short. I had a student loan accepted, but I had the right to cancel the deal until December, so I did that with the university’s assistance. In England I was staying at a private company’s student housing project (not the University houses) and I had signed a contract with them for 2500 pounds for my first year then and I only gave them the first 200 or so.

I received a letter a few days back from a debt collection company (OVAG) about the amount of money I owe at the English housing company and that I have to deposit the full amount of debt until the 29th of December which I can clearly not, and will not, do. What will happen to me if I try to go to England again? Will I be arrested? Can they do something to me here at Greece? Keep in mind that while I left their flat at mid-October as I previously stated, they found a different tenant for the rest of the year, and they still ask me for the full amount of money. Although I am not sure how I can prove that so it may be irrelevant.”


Many times when you sign a lease or tenancy agreement for a flat or place to live, you are basically signing a contract saying you will pay the entire amount that is stated and agreed upon for the time period stated, and if that agreement is broken in anyway, such as your leaving the property, you are still obligated and liable for the entire amount of the lease or rent that was to be paid.

In some instances you can be relieved of this obligation if the landlord or management firm finds a new tenant to replace you. But that would be up to the landlord and also if it states so in the agreement.

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Returning to England or the UK should not be a problem as just having left a debt behind is not a reason alone to stop someone from entering the country.

The only issue may be if the debt gets sold onto a collection firm in Greece, where the debt can then be collected in accord with the rules and laws there. As to if this may occur, I cannot say, but debts are regularly sold onto other outside collection agencies.

If you were to be made bankrupt in the UK for the debt, which again I cannot say would or would not occur, than as Greece is in the EU, any assets you have in the EU/Greece could be at risk as in a UK bankruptcy, assets anywhere in the world, especially the EU, can be taken for the bankruptcy.



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