I Have an Old Traffic Ticket. How Can I Get My Fines Reduced? – Michelle

“Dear Steve,

I have a speeding ticket that went to collections 3 year ago I believe, I could not pay it at the time because I had no job and the judge wanted me to do community service, but I could not drive because my license was suspended and had no reliable transportation, so I cannot get my license back. It started as a 800 dollar ticket and now its 3,000.

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Can I consolidate the ticket or go a lawyer to reduce the fees?


Dear Michelle,

Well I guess anything is possible and worth trying to rectify the situation. I’d start with the court that issued the ticket and original fine. Some courts have been known to offer 50% off fines for immediate payment on delinquent accounts.

Additionally, you could always go to traffic court and ask the judge to reduce it. The worst the judge can say is no so you don’t lose anything by trying that route.

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