How Do I Go About Getting My Free Money? – Christine

“Dear Steve,

need help with my family cuz he my baby dady cant work cuz he is waiting for his disability so i work full time almost a lil less but we can us some money for bills baby stuff diana my baby is named diana and i could us help with stuff for her me clothing house hold stuff all most everything we could use HELP?????????????

how do i go about getting free money and help and what i can get i have the book but i dont know who to start??

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Dear Christine,

There is no such thing as free money. And there are no government programs to give you free money to pay bills or to give you spending money.

But, there are programs that can provide you with benefits and services that you would then not have to pay for. So in essence that’s a bit like free money.

Visit Benefits.gov and determine what programs you are eligible for based on need.

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