Chase Bank Let Me Open a Credit Card. I Have Not Paid in 4 Years. Now I’m Getting Sued. – Lawrence

“Dear Steve,

About 3 or 4 yrs ago Chase Bank, let me open a credit card with a line of credit for $1,300.00. We’ll at that time I had a decent job and figured I could afford to use it. Shortly after I lost my job and was not able to make payements. Now 4 yrs later this lawyer firm is representing Chase Bank and I have to appear in pre-trial on the 22 of this month (Jan 2013). From the paperwork I received I owe $1,780.05. I do not have the funds to settle at this time. I live in FL and my research says a creditor could garnish up to 25% of my wages witch would would be $160. Cant afford that. But I’am willing to make a reasonable payment arrangement.

Can I get Chase to take back the account and work with them or do i have to try and work with this law firm. I even though I just received the notice to appear in court today. I have only till the 22nd to appear in court. I would like to have some plan in action so I do not have my wages garnish. I read some where that I could state in writing that I only want to deal with the original creditor and that its my right to do so. Is that true?

Either way I need help, cannot afford a lawyer, but like I said i’m now in a situation where i could make payments on this debt


Dear Lawrence,

I would bet that Chase long ago sold your account to a bad debt buyer. They are probably the ones suing you.

If you appear in court, which you should, you should ask the court to help you determine the validity of the debt they are trying to collect on. See Debt Validation Finally Defined. What You Should Ask a Collector or Creditor for to Validate a Debt for some guidance on what to ask for.

It might just be they can’t successfully prove the debt is yours.

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