Real Estate Law Center Told My Grandma to Max Out Her Credit Cards. – Jason

“Dear Steve,

my grandmother got hooked up with this real estate law center pc, she signed there dam contract and now has given them all kinds of money, my grandma is 78 years old and scared to lose her home and these dudes told her all the right things to get her to sign the contract, did she stop and think??? no! second opion??? no! once some crazy things happened in her accounts she asked me to help and pull up her accounts on line and see whats up.

well this is when i run into this company of chad pratts, and i ask my self what law firm cant seem to get there accounting right, this threw up a red flag and then i started digging into them and dam if i find out this is some real estate scam and these so called lawyers told my grandma to max out her credit cards cause she was going to file bankruptcy and not to pay her lender cause the home mod offer she got wasnt right that they RELC were going to sue well fargo, and if the lender calls to NOT talk to them to just give them RELC’s number and they would take care of everything.

now my grandma is very loving person, and beleaves in people especialy lawyers so when i try and show her all of this about RELC she gets mad and yells, now after two weeks of yelling ive got her willing to talk to another lawyer and see if im right and if so what can she do to fix the problem were in now.

We live in Whittier, CA. 90604 please do you know of some one close by that we can trust to talk with about all of this before its to late?? thank you for your time

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Dear Jason,

Wow, that’s one unfortunate story. I’m shocked she was told to max out her cards because bankruptcy was on the horizon. It seems the intention was to block the sale with a bankruptcy. And if that’s the intention, then what does she need them for?

It seems we have two situations here. The first is your concern with Real Estate Law Center. The second is the mortgage problem.

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There are a number of reasons someone might get rejected for a mortgage modification. And there is no requirement for any lender to modify any mortgage.

For the mortgage issue, I would suggest you and your grandmother contact a HUD Housing Counselor. This is a free service and they will help you to understand what realistic modification options are available.

If you want to find a local attorney to talk to about the mortgage issue, a local attorney that specializes in real estate matters would be a good place to start. But the HUD Housing Counselor is in reality more up to speed with the lender modification programs.

Regarding your issues with the Real Estate Law Center, I would suggest that you might want to help your grandmother to work out a solution if she is not satisfied with the service she received. You should read How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company.

One possibility to consider is that the home may no longer be affordable for your grandmother and just simply mathematically she may have to sell it. I just simply don’t know enough about her situation to make any determination about that. But, since it looks like she’s all teed up for a bankruptcy now, you should click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk the entire situation over with them. They will give you a free consultation.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

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1 thought on “Real Estate Law Center Told My Grandma to Max Out Her Credit Cards. – Jason”

  1. Dear Jason,

    I’m in the same boat – I asked for a refund and they won’t do it. Anyone can file a lawsuit but if it just gets thrown out, what’s the point? You can follow these cases on Justia – you can see the judge’s responses and follow what is happening. If all they do is use a boiler plate suit, file and lose, it’s a waste of money and in my opinion, fraud, if they know darn well that these cases aren’t going to hold up and yet they still collect from consumers into the millions. They don’t care – they already have your money. I think you should file a complaint with the California Bar Association. They have a task force that deals with loan modifications and they also have a fund that will give your grandma back her money if she is approved as being scammed. It takes about a year to get the money back but at least she will get it. She paid $5000 down and either $29.95 a month for a maintenance fee or $1500 a month if it was individual. On her credit card, what was the amount she paid? That will tell you. Good luck and also file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office.


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