I Filed Bankruptcy With Macey Bankruptcy Law and They Told Me Not to Pay My Mortgage. – Aubrey

“Dear Steve,

I filed bankruptcy with Macey Bankruptcy Law, in September 2012, at the time my mortgage payment was current, I was told not to pay my Sept 2012 mortgage until further notice.

I received a call form my mortgage company attorney at the end of October 2012, informing me that a letter was sent to my attorney office for me to sign if agreed a reaffirmation agreement, which must be signed by December 17th 2012, I agreed after the attorney explained what it meant, any errors would be excused and I will continue paying mortgage with no arrears basically starting over excusing past delinquency which at that time was just one and a half months behind.

At the beginning of November I called Macey Law asking if they received the form they told me no I called the mortgage attorney they told me that it was sent but they will send it again, this went on for all of Nov right up to the 15th December with numerous calls to both attorneys offices, in a nut shell they didn’t get the form to them by 12/17/2012. I called again in late December to find out where do I stand I got no real answer, I was told my attorney will call me he never did.

I received a letter from Macey Bankruptcy Law on Jan 10th notifying me that my case has been discharged a week later I received a certified letter from my mortgage company informing me that I need to send them a certified check $13,552.22 by Feb 14th 2013, if I don’t they will proceed with foreclosure.

I don’t have that kind of money available since I thought I would have been offered another agreement, my attorney told me they are filling something I think called a stay of execution. I never spoke to him again even though I called three times since the beginning of the year asking for him to call me. I was never clear on, what should I do?

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I feel that I was not represented properly I agreed to sign reaffirmation agreement and they never followed through I even asked my mortgage company to send me the reaffirmation agreement which I took physically to Macey Law on 12/12/2012 I signed it and left it for them to send it they never did. Is there anything I can do to stop this and what should I do about Macey misconduct?.


Dear Aubrey,

Did anyone tell you that in order to keep the house you’d have to keep making your regular payments?

Is the demand for $13,552.22 simply the request for the payments that you withheld? Or is this for the delinquent amount plus the legal costs of collecting?

If you never signed the reaffirmation agreement was the mortgage included in your bankruptcy?

If you withheld the monthly payments, did you set them aside to pay when the agreement was reached?

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  1. I filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in 2012 w/Macey Bankruptcy Law. I am currently trying to do a short sale w/Bank of America and Have a cash buyer. I am not receiving anything from the sale of this home. I have lived here for 20+ years. During the short sale process I was told I have judgements against my property that I was not aware of. I was told this should have been removed with my 2012 Bankruptcy Case. I contacted the lawyer who did the bankruptcy and he told me if I sent him $1500 to reopen the case he will take care of it. Like an idiot I did this. Of course he cashed the check but does not get back to my emails or phone calls. I am in limbo and I don’t know what to do. I need to close on this home as soon as possible. I moved out of the house in August because I was told the closing would first be June 5th then August 5th. I could still be living in this home. Now I am paying bills on 2 homes. Very frustrating.


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