An 18 Year Old Hospital Debt Has Surfaced and NCO is Trying to Collect. – Ruth

“Dear Steve,

I was hospitalized at a metro Atlanta hospital September, 1995. I did have a balance that my insurance carrier did not pay.

The hospital had a “forgiveness policy” which was awarded to me. Now some 18years later NCO Financial Systems is trying to collect. How do I proceed. They to not understand. This hospital closed at least 15 years ago.

How do I get this company to stop contacting me?


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Dear Ruth,

I think this article on debt validation will do the trick.

Before you admit to anything with the collector, ask them to show proof as detailed in that article that you actually owe the debt.

It also seems the statute of limitations on this debt in Georgia might have expired a long time ago. You’d need to talk to a local attorney to confirm that for your specific situation. While that would not prevent them from attempting collections, they would not be able to sue you.

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