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Where Can I Find a Legitimate Mortgage Modification Company? – Michael

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

Can you recommend a legitimate Loan Modification company anywhere in New jersey? All I hear are horror stories about these types of companies, and dealing with the bank directly is a joke. Any recommendation would be appreciated.

Thank you,


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Dear Michael,

The key point to remember is that no bank is required to modify any loan if they don’t want to. You are not entitled to a modification or have a right to a modification if the bank does not participate with any modification program.

Save yourself a lot of money and headaches, call a free HUD Housing Counselor and find out if your specific bank participates and/or what you might be qualified for.

HUD Housing Counselors are subsidized by the government and so they are not motivated to sell you services to meet any sort of sales goal or quota.

Remember, the sales pitches you are seeing online are just that, an advertisement to get you to buy mortgage modification services.

And while you are doing your homework, you should familiarize with the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services Rule from the Federal Trade Commission which says to avoid any company that trys to charge you any fee in advance of actually getting you a modification.

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