What Will Happen When if I Stop Making the Second Mortgage Payments? – James

“Dear Steve,

We currently have a first and second mortgage. The first Mortgage is with Citi Bank and we owe about 160,000. The second is with America Servicing Company which is a subsidiary of Wells Fargo. We owe 140,000.

The house is probably worth about 300,000 give or take. We are having a problem making the second mortgage payments. I am thinking about just letting the second mortgage go.

What will the second mortgage lender do if I discontinue making the payments?



Dear James,

The balance on the note will increase, you may be sued to recover the debt, but at the very least it will remain as a lien against the property at the inflated future balance.

Electing to stop paying the second mortgage is not a solution, but a way of temporarily postponing the reality of your situation.

Apparently the reality is you are struggling financially and finding it tough to make your house payments. I can only imagine what other obligations you have. This might be the result of declining income or increased expenses. Whatever it is, it is clear your financial life is out of balance here.

That’s the issue we need to deal with, not stopping your second mortgage payments.

So let’s say you stop your second mortgage payments, what possible good can come from that? You’ll increase your stress level and always be waiting for the shoe to drop. It also keeps the lien against the property that will have to be satisfied if you ever need to sell the home.

Instead I urge you to take action and start controlling your future instead of waiting for future actions to control you.

Let’s deal with the overall debt situation and not just bargaining for an alternative outcome. Do not avoid bankruptcy as a serious consideration to helping you wrap up the current mess and start over.

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