My Car Was Wrongly Repossessed by Capital One Auto Finance. – Richard

“Dear Steve,

My car was wrongfully repossessed by Capital One Auto Finance. They acknowledged that it was their error. However they are now refusing to provide documentation for me to send to the credit bureaus.

Every time I contact them they state they will have it removed but now as a result I have a repo and a closed account on my credit. They sent me letters stating my car would be sold and that it had been sold but I still have my car as my payments were made. This has been incredibly frustrating for me and I would like to file a suit against them.

May someone please refer me to a good consumer lawyer in Florida that is willing to try my case? Many say they are consumer lawyers but when i contact them they constantly state they no longer handle those.


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Dear Richard,

I’m sorry to hear this has created such a mess for you. It does create a good opportunity to give your credit report a good looking over to see what else might be incorrectly reported. Read The Get Out of Debt Guy Free and Easy Credit Repair Guide. That guide will show you how to dispute those items on your credit report and fight to get them removed.

You are right to find a consumer advocacy attorney to help deal with Capital One Auto Finance as well. I would suggest you look on for a local attorney.

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