My Sallie Mae Student Loans Make Me Suicidal and Anxious. – Angela

“Dear Steve,

I have a massive amount of school loan debt from a school that was very overpriced and I didn’t finish to get my degree. The company I am involved with is Sallie Mae and they have been very unforgiving with payments so it doesn’t really matter how much I send. The debt keeps rising.

I’m really at a complete loss with what to do with my debt. I’m living on my own and can barely afford rent. I’m trying to go back to school to improve my life, but my past student loans on a huge burden. I’m tired of the anxiety and pain they cause. Sometimes I think suicide is a better option. The only thing keeping me going are the people I have in my life. But even when I think of them I wonder what good I am to them, and how I’ll ever be able to make a family of my own. Please help me figure out what to do?


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Dear Angela,

I understand how the situation can make you feel anxious and suicidal. However debt is never a reason to kill yourself.

Just yesterday I wrote this guide that might help you tremendously. See The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford

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You are not alone. I'm here to help. There is no need to suffer in silence. We can get through this. Tomorrow can be better than today. Don't give up.
Damon Day - Pro Debt Coach

Steve Rhode

1 thought on “My Sallie Mae Student Loans Make Me Suicidal and Anxious. – Angela”

  1. I share the same concerns as Angela. My student loan debts with Sallie Mae have paralysed my life to the point of contemplated suicide. People say, “no debt is worth taking your life” but Sallie Mae has changed me from a happy-go-lucky productive member of society to someone I do not recognize anymore when I look into the mirror. The fact that they have allowed folks to take out so much money for educations that have led to careers that yield not nearly as much return is stifling. I graduated from a major university with a liberal arts degree and a bill that is unreasonably high… However, I listened those folks that said “stop whining and look ahead and keep your head up and pay what you owe and etc etc…” I have done this for MANY years. From one stress laden call center job to another, to the food service industry, always striving to maintain the belief that I could make it out of the hole the collegiate education system partnered with Sallie Mae had so willingly helped me dig. I have lived with my parents for most of it, saving money at every turn and MUCH to the detriment of my individual mental health. I looked back recently and realized every one of the jobs I held since graduation didn’t really even require the intellectual gains from the degree I had gotten, much less the prestige of the VERY expensive piece of paper that deemed me a college graduate.

    Now let’s talk about Sallie Mae for a minute.

    Couple the above statements with Sallie Mae’s harassing debt collecting practices when you are in between jobs due to mental health breakdowns due to stress… From being forced into poverty… The fact that they charge money to bring an account current without even putting that money towards your debt. The fact that they harass your cosigner that was absolutely fiscally crushed in the recession and cosigned your loans because they thought they would be helping your life. When you ask them if there is a reasonable way out of debt the “lackies” they hire actually shame you or are from an outsourced call center where English isn’t their first language… Further diminishing the quality of communication. They say “you can afford ‘blank’ but you cannot afford to pay us. Looks like you have priority issues” I have recorded every call I have had with them in the last few months and played them to others who think I am just an unreasonably upset whiner and they were appalled. I asked them how much i would have to pay a month to get out of debt in 7 years and they weren’t even equipped to tell me! Furthering the idea that all they know how to do is harass and keep the cycle of endless debt afloat. When I told Sallie Mae I had recorded their calls they stopped calling, which is a relief towards my sanity of 5-6 calls a day. They even say they don’t have their permission to record them when every call begins with a robot on there end stating “this call will be recorded for quality purposes.” What about my permission? This behaviour isn’t going anywhere by the way. Sallie Mae split into two companies now, Navient and Sallie Mae. They want to save Sallie’s image by not having their brand tied to these harassing calls. That in addition to the freight train force of lobbyist they send to our nations capitol and the record profits they are padding our congressman’s pockets with… Forget about the little guy.

    Finally, I ask you, where does it end? You can’t discharge loans in bankruptcy… Or at least it is near impossible. The overall debt balloons by the day. Your stress levels from 1) living with your parents. 2) your crippling debt . 3) your anxiety inducing low paying job prospects, has led to a feeling of social isolation. Your health is declining from said stress and the only aid from others is “oh you need to relax, take a vacation, see a therapist, see a doctor.” Not to mention the declining health leads to one too many sick days at work.

    And so I go back to this statement, I look in the mirror and don’t recognize myself. A hardened nub of a human being that has been ground down by an unpayable debt and a diminishing sense of independence. Starting to forget the last time you were happy or even how to feel happy. A stagnant sense of productiveness. Your family says you’ve changed… Your friends say you’ve changed… And you are cognizant enough to realize it and know that the horizon ahead holds very little for those in your situation.

    So… Suicide anyone?


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