My Sallie Mae Student Loans Make Me Suicidal and Anxious. – Angela

“Dear Steve,

I have a massive amount of school loan debt from a school that was very overpriced and I didn’t finish to get my degree. The company I am involved with is Sallie Mae and they have been very unforgiving with payments so it doesn’t really matter how much I send. The debt keeps rising.

I’m really at a complete loss with what to do with my debt. I’m living on my own and can barely afford rent. I’m trying to go back to school to improve my life, but my past student loans on a huge burden. I’m tired of the anxiety and pain they cause. Sometimes I think suicide is a better option. The only thing keeping me going are the people I have in my life. But even when I think of them I wonder what good I am to them, and how I’ll ever be able to make a family of my own. Please help me figure out what to do?

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Dear Angela,

I understand how the situation can make you feel anxious and suicidal. However debt is never a reason to kill yourself.

Just yesterday I wrote this guide that might help you tremendously. See The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford

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