Our Attorney David Rogers Took Cash to Modify Our Mortgage and Then Dropped Us. – James

“Dear Steve,

I need to schedule a call with someone as this issue cannot begin to be covered in 6 pages. Chase has neglected any and all communication with us, they never helped us with any loan modifications to reduce the monthly amount, no one ever kept files or records. We hired an attorney by the name of David Rogers last June 2012 he charged us $5,000 upfront and said he could get our home free and clear.

He took our money went to court and dropped us for no reason last month and we do not have any more savings to come up with. All we want is to be able to afford our house payment and not worry about foreclosures.

David did uncover Chase fake trustee foreclosure selling, predatory lending, robo signing, MERS and other negative factors including Chase did not tell us about the foreclosure settlement that we were supposed to be entitled to.

My wife cries every night because of the stress. I cannot sleep and have had layoff after layoff and suffer from chronic pain, scoliosis, arthritis, and see doctors twice a month for the past 7 years for my degenerative bone disease. Please help us.

Our attorney took 5,000 in cash and dropped us last month for no reason?

I call our lender and they say we are not facing any legal problems and we are caught up on our mortgage even though we have not had a payment made in 2 years. What do we do we still need to modify the payment because we cannot afford it?


Dear James,

End of stress.Bankruptcy attorneys have reported success in getting modifications quickly through a chapter 13 bankruptcy.

You can click here to find a local bankruptcy attorney and talk to them for free about your specific situation. Get the facts and then you can make an informed and educated decision if bankruptcy is right for you.

If your attorney dropped you for no reason then you should consider contacting your state bar association and file a complaint to get some answers.

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If you have not made a payment in two years, how much of a payment can you afford and where did all those years of no mortgage payment go?

You know, it might just be that you can’t afford your mortgage and at some point might have to sell the house and discharge your liability in a quick chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. That would allow you to create a new future and find a way to live within your current income.

It’s important to remember that no mortgage company is required to modify any mortgage.

If Chase is not demanding payment and not willing to modify the mortgage, you might just want to live rent free in your home and if Chase comes to collect you can then file bankruptcy and move on. Having that plan should allow your wife to relax.

Before you pay anyone else for mortgage modification help, contact a free HUD Housing Counselor who can assist you for free.

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