I Should be Able to Get My Student Loans Forgiven But Can’t. – Dan

“Dear Steve,

Science teacher in a low income school. Have been teaching for 15 years. I took out two federal loans for undergrad 1991-1995and another for masters in 2002 – 2004. I have applied for teacher loan forgiveness and have been turned down because I never paid off my undergrad loan in full. It is not in default. Otherwise I meet requirement to get 17,500 in forgiveness. Have consolidated loans. Also it does not make sense to pay off loans to get forgiveness.

Any way I can get loan forgiveness as a science teacher in a low income school? Do I qualify for any other programs?


Dear Dan,

Unfortunately it looks like the rules for the current teacher loan forgiveness program might snare you.

Under eligibility it says, “You must not have had an outstanding balance on Direct Loans or Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) Program loans as of Oct. 1, 1998, or on the date that you obtained a Direct Loan or FFEL Program loan after Oct. 1, 1998.”

If you feel you have been excluded unfairly then you should contact the Federal Student Aid Ombudsman.

U.S. Department of Education
FSA Ombudsman Group
830 First Street, N.E.
Fourth Floor
Washington, DC 20202-5144


Federal Student Aid Ombudsman

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