How Can I Sue CCCS of Greater Atlanta and CredAbility? – Eve

“Dear Steve,

In February 2009, I entered into a Debt Management Plan with CCCS of Greater Atlanta. I contacted CCCS of Greater Atlanta, now CredAbility, today and requested documentation of those six deposits and the disbursement of same.

I received by e-mail a document indicating that $2,057.00 was received and $2,057.00 was disbursed to my creditors, however, further documentation provided to me by CredAbility indicates that, in fact, only $1,057.23 was disbursed to creditors.

I replied to the email containing the above documentation requesting further documentation – full disclosure of itemized receipts and itemized disbursements for each deposit I made over a 7-month period. I have not received further communication as of yet.

If, in fact, a portion of the money I deposited was not disbursed to my creditors, (I believe close to $1,000 was not) what action can I take, if any, to recover that money? Is there a statute of limitations for filing a lawsuit to recover this money? Are there any lawsuits pending (potentially class action suits) against CCCS of Greater Atlanta and/or CredAbility?


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Dear Eve,

That’s very unusual. I can understand if CCCS of Greater Atlanta or CredAbility kept a small monthly fee of up to $50 but that would have only added up to $350 or so. So where did the rest go?

You have every right to ask for an accounting and explanation of where your money went.

But before you jump into a lawsuit, I think it would be cheaper to first try the advice offered in my guide, How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company. If after following all the steps in that guide you still don’t have a satisfactory resolution you will have laid a lot of ground work to file a suit.

Try the guide first and keep me posted.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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