Will the Title Loan Company Take My Car if My Payment is Late? – Natalie

“Dear Steve,

Hello,I have a car title loan that is 2 days past due.The contract does state that if payment is not made or late your car can be taken.However there is a page in the contract that says there will be a penalty for late payments that are past 10 dsys.As I was told there are no grace period.I do understand that but due to the car now not working Im only able to pay on the 9 the day. With that being said with that in the actual. Contract should I be able to do that with out possible repossession?


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Dear Natalie,

Call the title loan company and keep them in the loop about what is going on. Ultimately they don’t want your car, they want the payment.

If you can make a friend there, come up with a mutually agreeable plan on how to deal with the past due payment and meet that plan, I think it will work out.

If you don’t communicate, leave them in the dark and don’t make the payment as you agree to then the odds are more likely the car will be taken.

Call them.

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