Lloyd Ward & Associates Said They Settled Account But My Creditors Say No. – Diana

“Dear Steve,

I was in debt and i chose Lloyd ward and associates about 3 years ago. i sent them aroung 9000.00 and they settle very few accounts. I ended up settling several of the accounts myself. i closed my accounts with them about 6 months ago. i am being sued by 2 of the accounts that i have papers from lloyd ward and global stating that they were settled but it lookes like i will be paying these again. is there a way for me to get my money back from lloyd ward and associates. I live in indiana

how can i get my money back from these people or how can i hold them liable since i have papers saying account settles


Dear Diana,

I’m so sorry to hear about your situation. Interestingly providing people with advice on how to deal with Lloyd Ward & Associates problems is one of the reasons he sued my wife and I. You’d think that actually dealing with the unhappy consumers would be the top priority, but apparently not.

According to the Better Business Bureau, Lloyd Ward & Associates gets an F rating with 23 complaints they never responded to. – Source

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Lloyd Ward & Associates BBB F Rating

It is possible that Lloyd Ward & Associates settled the account without having an agreement in place. In that case the creditor may claim there was no agreement and all you did was make a partial payment.

I don’t think you are saying that the creditor claims they never got the payment Lloyd Ward & Associates claims they made. If that’s the case, Global Client Solutions should be able to provide you with detail when the payments were made and if the creditor cashed the checks.

Bottom line though is if you are not satisfied with the answer you are getting from Lloyd Ward & Associates you should pursue the answers and if you feel you are entitled to a refund, ask for it.

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Please read How to Try to Get a Refund From a Debt Relief Company and be sure to follow all the steps.

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