I Have a Workers Compensation Claim and Can’t Work. Facing Eviction. – Sandra

“Dear Steve,

Ten months ago I developed a repititive use injury which is now an established workers compensation case. However the job to injury aspect has “not been proven” yet, and may take beyond a year to settle. I have not had a normal paycheck in 10 months and my job search continues to be difficult. All avenues for obtaining emergency funds (family, friends, savings, bank) have been exhausted.

Is there “good” or “acceptable legal financing, if one has no alternative and is facing eviction? The local public assistance office requires me to already be in housing court before they would issue a emergency “one-shot” deal.


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Dear Sandra,

This seems to be more of a process issue and that your claim is flowing through the far too slowly pipeline.

I’m not aware of any financing for a legal claim that would be considered good or fair.

The best resource for help in these situations is Benefits.gov. It will help you to find all the publicly listed benefit programs and resources you may be eligible for.

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