Will My UK Husband be Arrested if He Returns to the UK But Owes Debt There? – Angela

“Dear Steve,

I was married less than a year ago to my husband who is from the U.K. He has substantial debt that I did not know about, including a divorce agreement to pay for half of a home improvement loan of the house his ex-wife was given outright. He believes has the potential of being arrested, if he does not pay and returns to the U.K. for a visit. Can you please tell me what is the reality is?

My understanding is a persons debt will reach its statue after six years in the U.K. if they do not acknowledge the debt. Does that also pertain to a civil matter such as a loan to be paid off from a divorce agreement? My husband is worried if he returns to the U.K with a civil debt, he will be arrested. What is the truth of the matter?



Dear Angela,

He will not be arrested.

Enjoy your trip.

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