Credit Repair Group Robocalling is Harassment. – Nancy

“Dear Steve,

While desperately searching the Internet for help with a Robo Caller, Credit Repair Group, I came across your article.

Thru NO FAULT of ours, we’ve been harassed by this Company since last June. I have well documented every call with both my Caller ID, as well as, my answering machine.

My Husband and I have lived at our address 20 years and have had the same phone number. We registered AND reregister our number every year since the inception of the Do Not Call Registry and have NEVER had such a problem until last June. We pay our bills off every month, have no debt and we both have a credit rating in the top 1%….we’ve never had a need, solicited or welcomed such a service and we can’t make it stop.

I have documented more than 200 calls since last June. They call many times a day, everyday, all day and even at the oddest hours. When a number is blocked, they’re brazen enough to call from another and I’ve documented 33 different numbers so far.

Our answering machine would be full of 3 minute long recordings every day and we’ve had to turn our answering machine off. As if that wasn’t enough, we also had to turn the ringer off and haven’t been able to use our own phone that we’re paying for since last December. The Caller ID still captures the calls however. They are Robo Calls, automated and even though my State, NY, says that automated telemarketing recordings are forbidden from being left on an answering machine, it hasn’t stopped them. I’ve also tried calling the number back they leave dr you to call and asked hem to remove my number from their list, but they immediately disconnect the call when they learn I’m not calling for their service.

I’ve not only filed complaints with the Do Not Call Registry, but the FCC, my local telephone company and my Attorney General and I included all documentation…….begging for help. Although what Credit Repair Group is doing is illegal, no one wants to do anything about it.

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My phone company offered to change our number which of course creates even more inconveinance, having to notify more than 100 people, but after 5 calls today, I finally did just that, but (forgive me) I’m still pissed. These people have harassed me for the last 11 months and I feel I have to do something about it.

I saw your article and was hoping that you could point me in the right direction.

Take Care and thanks for listening.


angry woman

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Dear Nancy,

I would certainly make sure you filed a complaint with the Federal Communications Commission using this online complaint form. Also make sure you have filed a complaint with your state attorney general and the Federal Trade Commission, using this online complaint form.

I’d love to tell you this is going to have a happy ending, but the odds are it is not. If the calls are really bad and harassing you then I would make sure you have a log of the calls and copies of some of the messages they leave. But I’d still think about getting your number changed. Doing that is a hassle and unfair but if peace is the goal then it is the most effective way to get peace.

It’s also probably true that your telephone number has been sold or traded to other for similar robocalling.

To try and get some legal action on your personal situation you may want to find a consumer attorney in your state who is a member of NACA.net.

Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.

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