Study Shows Men That Spend Wildly Get Laid More

For some the idea that those guys that go out and spend money without any concern have a better time and more fun is already a given fact. But Daniel Kruger, a social and evolutionary psychologist at the University of Michigan’s School of Public Health has measured the sugar daddy factor and come to some scientific conclusions.

Kruger has done some brilliant work in the past that I’ve been a fan of. He’s a smart guy with good insights. And his latest research in the “do guys get laid more if they throw money around” concept is an interesting read and could have made for a hell of a good time doing the research.

A particular point he made did seem to have some evolutionary truth to it. “Men in the ancestral environment were valued if they were good providers,” Kruger said. “Now we have this new consumer culture, so basically we show our potential through the consumer goods that we purchase, rather than being a good hunter or providing protection.” Hum, interesting concept.

Here’s the bottom line, those guys that behaved responsible with their money, shunned debt, and saved, reported half the number of sexual partners over a five year period than the guys that threw money around and engaged in conspicuous consumption.

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