Filed Bankruptcy to Avoid Eviction. Can I Get it Off My Credit Report? – Shawnale

“Dear Steve,

I followed expensive advice from attorney that I could stay and fight a no-reason eviction from an apartment I paid rent on time 2 years. I had grown attached and did a lot of maintenance there and was lead to believe I could stall moving out for months. I filed three months straight, allowing dismissal because I don’t owe anybody anything. my credit score was 670.

What can I do to get three dismissed bankrupts off my credit report?



Dear Shawnale,

If you filed bankruptcy and them dismissed it, the bankruptcy filing is part of the public record and appears to be listed correctly.

There would be no grounds to have it removed.

It seems the issue with your credit score might just be too little current good credit reporting about you. See How to Easily Rebuild Your Credit and Have Good Credit Again.

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