Is Student Loan Consolidation Center Really Related to Military Debt Management Agency

“Dear Steve,

I read an article about Military Debt Management Agency and how they are a non profit company ripping off military members for assistance with their student loans. I found came across an address for a student loan company that is the same as military debt management agency called Student Loan Consolidation Center, you might want to look into it especially if they are ripping people off.”

Thanks for the tip.

It’s always tough to locate information on companies with such generic names but I did find that Student Loan Consolidation Center is located at 210 N University Dr Ste 502, Coral Springs, FL 33071-7318. It’s the suit next to the address for Military Debt Management Agency.

The BBB reports “Mr. Tom Breazeale & Mr. Christopher Young are principals of Student Loan Consolidation Center as well as Military Debt Management Agency.” They also report there is an alternate name for this business as well, Financial Literacy Services. – Source

These types of student loan assistance programs do concern me. It is important for people to be aware there are many things they need to consider before consolidating their loans and the services are available for free. See The Ultimate Guide to Dealing With Student Loans You Can’t Afford.

What makes the Student Loan Consolidation Center website a bit odd is their privacy terms are for a different company that is located in California.

Student Loan Affiliate Program AKA Student Debt Affiliate
119 E Alton Ave
Suite E
Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone:(866) 507-1115 – Source

Screen Shot 2013-05-03 at 1.04.39 PM

According to public records, Student Loan Consolidation Center, LLC was formed on February 18, 2013 by Tom Breazeale and Christopher Young. – Source

Financial Literacy Services, LLC, which the BBB mentioned is another company that is located at the same address and under the control of Tom Breazeale and Christopher Young. – Source

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Military Debt Management Agency states they are a non-profit credit counseling organization and a member of ACC Pros. It would be a big issue if MDMA was referring any business to the for-profit entities affiliated with the officers.

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And according to public records just filed, Tom Breazeale and Christopher Young do have management roles with MDMA. – Source

The most current list of officers and directors includes:

Jerry Simonds, Nicholas Petersen, Robert Foley, Peggy Petersen, Tom Breazeale, Will Van Hoesen, Christopher Young, and Garcia Garcia.

Thanks for the tip (send in your tips here) and asking me to take a look.

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