Student Debt Relief studentdebtrelief.us – Review. Are They a Scam?

Company Name

Student Debt Relief

Our Impression of What the Company Offers to Consumers

Advance fee student loan assistance programs.


151 NE 5th Ave #401
Delray Beach, FL, 33483

Comes back as an apartment. – Source

Additional Contact Information

(866) 921-8053


Company Description

“We offer individuals, seeking to consolidate or lower their monthly student loan payments, the knowledge needed to choose a practical and affordable solution.” – Source


Company Information

There is no company registered to do business in Florida under the name Student Debt Relief. The name Student Debt Relief is registered as a fictitious name to Tory Larkins, 1755 17th Street South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.

Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 10.55.01 AM

However the domain name is registered by Debt Relief Pros, Inc. in Florida.

The company officers are Demetrios Sourmaidis, Spiros Mitsis, Christopher Wordell. The company was registered on March 18, 2013. – Source


Student loan services.


Screen Shot 2013-05-10 at 11.05.42 AM

Interesting Points

Using Department of the Treasury logo on their website.



Domain Information

studentdebtrelief.us is registered to:

151 NE 5TH AVE
APT 401
DELRAY BEACH, Florida 33483

Our Opinion After Review

We previously wrote a guide on what companies should offer in a fair and consumer friendly student loan service program. Please read How to Run a Clean Student Loan Assistance Program. In addition we provide the following guides to check out debt relief companies:

  1. The Ultimate Consumer Guide to Checking Out a Debt Relief Company Before You Sign On the Line
  2. How to Check Out a Business or Company to Avoid Getting Scammed or Ripped Off
  • Program Fees Clearly Stated on Site: No
  • Client Agreement Clearly Available on Site: No
  • States Consumers Can Contact Department of Education Directly to Consolidate and Reduce Payments for Free: No
  • Provides clear link to Department of Education Loan Options: No
  • Provides Historical Performance Statistics: No
  • Clearly Identifies Management/Officers on Site: No
  • Company is Clearly Registered to Business: No
See also  FTC Returns More than $3.1 Million to Victims of Student Loan Debt Relief and Credit Repair Scheme

It is our opinion the program reviewed here DOES NOT MEET OUR RECOMMENDED STANDARDS.

Scam, Complaint, Review or Praise


If you’ve had experience with this company, good or bad, you would like to share, please post your comments in the comments section below.

If you have a client agreement or paperwork you can share which this company gave you, you can do so here.


If this is your company, please read the site review policy and feel free to post information in the comments you would like to share about your company.

If you feel something reported in this review is incorrect, please report it here so we can fix the error.

For Those Looking for Student Loan Resources

Before you pay any company for assistance with your student loans, be sure to check out our free student loan assistance links and guides below.

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7 thoughts on “Student Debt Relief studentdebtrelief.us – Review. Are They a Scam?”

  1. Demetrios,

    I don’t know anything about your program so I can’t comment your service, but the whole “you must call us to get your refund ruse is total bullshit and I will call you out on that.”

    The reason you require a phone call is because you know people won’t want to do it and that way your sales people can talk them out of it. Plain and simple.

    Don’t treat people like fuck tards giving us this bullshit about voice verify. What are you running? A wife swap on Craigs list?

    Do you have your clients voice print on a computer file or something? Is your software going to match the voice on the phone with your client’s voice? How do you know someone isn’t calling and claiming to be someone else? That is actually more likely than someone hacking into your clients email to ruin their life by canceling the payments to you.

    Based on your bullshit response, I call bullshit on your whole operation. Everyone else can make up their own mind.

    • They have to confirm their account with information only the client would know. Why would someone not want to call in? You are assuming a lot in your post. I will repeat that we do not have a customer contract for this exact reason. We do not lock people in, nor do we want to. If our goal was try to keep people in the program wouldn’t it be wise of us to get them into a contract like most if not all our competitors do? Its not as if it would be hard to do, but its something we choose not to do.

      You are right, everyone can make up their own minds. We are a service company who offers a fair guarantee policy with no contract to lock in our clients. That sounds fair to me. In fact I wish all the services I have paid for in life have had this type of policy ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Hello Steve ๐Ÿ™‚

          I will try to address some of the points in that
          link you posted. I think your link is an honest and very fair evaluation of how companies should operate in our field. I have also heard of some stories that should not have happened and understand the reason people should be weary in who they deal with.

          1. We can service a client without a FAFSA pin, and they absolutely do not need to provide it to us to be serviced. That being said, people call us because they
          want to make their lives easier, and providing their FAFSA to us does this. If someone does not want to provide it we proceed to tell the customer all the options, benefits of the programs, how it all works etc.

          2. I believe our fees are fair, and so do our clients or
          we wouldnt have business ๐Ÿ™‚ Now you may be thinking “well not if they dont know they cant do this for free”, and to that I would direct you to our ABOUT US page which states

          “Although these programs are now available through the Department of Education, the lack of information provided, and vigorous application process in order to qualify, usually turns away those individuals who need the help most.

          This is where Student Debt Relief steps in. We
          offer individuals, seeking to consolidate or lower their monthly student loan payments, the knowledge needed to choose a practical and affordable solution. Our team of highly trained professionals are not only experts
          in identifying program options available to you, but also
          specialize in quickly getting you through the application process โ€“ all the way up until you are qualified & enrolled.”

          You did seem to miss this in your review of us as we clearly state these programs are available by the Department of Education. We also state that we handle the clients application process and that the application
          is submitted to the Department of Education. We do not pretend to be a lender.

          3. We do not currently measure performance, and this is
          something we need to start doing as I believe it would be very favorable for us. Our clients really are not at risk anyhow as our guarantee policy protects them in case we goof up. We don’t take clients on unless we can help them. If we took on a client that we couldn’t assist it would have been an honest mistake and that customer would be refunded.

          4. Our guarantee policy speaks for itself.


          As I stated in an above post, we do not have a contract. We do have an enrollment agreement which states that the client authorizes us to charge their card for services rendered. There is NOTHING binding on that agreement and the customer is free to back out as they please. Our
          enrollment agreement again states that all these programs are offered by the Department of Education, and that SDR is an educational processing provider.

          Are we perfect? No, but we are working to get better
          that’s for sure. Are we a scam like the title of this page suggests? Absolutely not, that’s very misleading. Do we offer a service where we actually help people, and give them a chance to back out of the program for whatever reason they want? Yes!


          • Just signed up for this company last week and they wanted 3 payments of $150 to process my paper work and informed me that they were the Obama Loan Forgiveness program that I had been reading about, i was not aware that this was a 3rd party company I thought that it was the MAIN company I was suppose to contact about setting up loan fogivness…When i checked my bank statement they had charged me 2 payments on the same day leaving me in a bad position as of right now I can not pay my car payment or make it to work now and I informed them i had a family of 3 and sent all my paperwork and promised they would take care of everything, when i tried to call the number back on a Saturday they were closed so now i sit here all weekend worried I won’t have to money to take care of my family, I wasn’t aware they aren’t’ approved from the BBB and after speaking to TWO representatives whop told me several times this was a legit company that was the main company for the Obama Loan forgiveness program. Now I can sum their company up with one word…SCARED.

  2. Hello, I am an officer for Student Debt Relief and I am disheartened to
    see this page. First I would like to apologize to Janet for even
    feeling that she needed to ask another site for information about us. I
    can tell you unequivocally we do everything in our clients best interest
    to consolidate their loans and put them into a repayment plan they
    choose. If for some unforeseen reason we cannot do that, we immediately
    refund all payments made to us by the client.

    We do not even have a contract for this exact reason, because we do not
    lock our customers in. We have an enrollment agreement which gives us
    permission to charge the card you have given us, but no where on that
    agreement will you see it mentioning that this is a contract and/or that
    we will hold you to any payments. We do this to give our customers
    freedom and flexibility so we can proceed with a mutually beneficial
    relationship so long as both parties want to continue it.

    Secondly, I would like to guide you to our money back guarantee page,
    which talks about our refund policy.


    Its unfortunate that this review did not mention this policy.

    If you take a minute to read it you will see we have absolutely zero
    problem refunding your payments if we have not already processed your
    enrollment. All it takes is a phone call to let us know you would like
    a refund, and it will be done. We cannot process refunds via email or
    contact form requests, as it could lead to problems for our customers.
    Imagine someones boyfriend or girlfriend sends an email pretending to be
    our client and we stop the enrollment process for that person who just
    unwillingly un-enrolled? We must verify by voice and then we will not
    hesitate to refund your payments.

    Thirdly, it is not uncommon for a corporation name to be different than
    the DBA name. We see ourselves expanding into other debt related
    services under the same corporation and thought having STUDENT DEBT in
    the corporation name would limit us in the future. I am sure you do
    business on a daily basis with companies who have different DBA’s and
    Corporation names, this is very common.

    We mention that these programs are offered by the Department of
    Education multiple times on each phone call. We tell you there is an
    enrollment fee for us to process your loan. We also discuss who we are
    on our webpage. We work with the Dept. of Education in the same manner
    that your accountant works with the IRS. This does not mean you will
    find the DoE sponsoring us on their webpage anymore than you would find
    your accountants name on the IRS webpage.

    Anyhow, I hope I have cleared thing up for you and given you peace of
    mind. As I said, we guarantee our services. If you are not happy with
    the service you are being provided please call your account executive
    and you will be refunded.


    Demetrios Sourmaidis


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