How Can I Get Out of This Judgment and Wage Garnishment?

“Dear Steve,

In 2008, at the age of 18, I moved out of home, into an apartment with a roommate. The rent was high ($1300/mo), and about 4-5 months into the lease, my roommate’s work started to decline.

One morning, she up and moved out, and with management (which has since changed, and the rates have lowered) being completely unhelpful, I was forced to leave as well.

Though we were NOT evicted. They would not work with me, as far as a payment plan/help until I could find a new roommate, and would not let me move into a smaller/cheaper apartment.

I did not receive any documentation from them, until a hired law office came after me and garnished my wages, about 2 years later.

I’m now currently paying $200 a month on a $6,000+ bill, with another wage garnish hanging over my head, as well as my ex-roommate also paying $250 payments each month.

Is there any way I can fight this almost 5 year old judgement on this property debt? Since I was not evicted. Or get them to settle for less? Anything?


Dear Justine,

The odds are the ship has sailed on the judgment since it was so long ago and you’ve been garnished and making payments.

debt hole law tadaBased on the payment you are both making on this for the last two years it looks like it adds up to $8,400. How much is this judgment for?

If you have a new debt hanging over your head that is going to a new judgment and garnishment then maybe we need to think about your larger financial situation and do something to set everything back to an even keel.

The one action you could take that would kill the old garnishment and prevent any future garnishments on old debt would be to consider a legal fresh start and financial second chance with bankruptcy.

A chapter 7 bankruptcy would take about 90 days to complete but the moment you filed bankruptcy the collection activity would have to stop.

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It might just be a solution you had not considered before but it would allow you to put this all behind you and start again.

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Steve Rhode

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