I’m 70 Years Old and Searching for Low Income Housing. – Dave

“Dear Steve,

I find myself burried in debt. While caring for 3 years for another who had Alzheimers, I ignored my own financial hole I was digging.

After being thrown out of where I was living — no financial issues just a very mean spirited roommate … I wandered the California coast looking for low income housing.

No luck. I am finally living temporarily with my daughter. Credit card debt seemed to explode from my meanderings. I’m drowning in debt, and at age 70 admit I’ll have to look at this as starting over.

I have some success as a photographer with two or three works having been on display at a gallery but no big success. I’m facing the a future of car repairs, rapidly obsolescent equipment and no place to live with space to do much.

Although deep in debt, I forsee expenses going to credit card only making it worse. Minimum payments wipe out my Social Security, plus small pension.

For Chapter 7, do they do a look back at credit card usage? If I make a last time buy with my credit cards to do car repairs and/or essential updates to my equipment .. will I be denied being able to File Chapter 7?

Can I use my cards for essentials and then file Ch 7 or is this just crazy?

My daughter’s kindness is helpful but this is no way to live. I don’t see how I can pay rent anywhere and continue to service this level of debt.


Dear Dave,

They will look back at least the last 90 days before you file.

Lifestyle choices.If you have not done so already, you should visit Benefits.gov to find out what public benefits you are eligible for. Each dollar in benefits is a dollar that will help you to get by and make ends meet a little better.

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The issue right now isn’t so much that bankruptcy is going to make things better because it is not the debt that is holding you down, but rather the lack of income.

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It appears you don’t have any assets to go after or exempt income to garnish. So if you just focused your efforts on making money and could not longer pay the cards, while you would wind up in collections and might get sued, that’s about it for now. They would not be able to garnish your Social Security unless you owed the U.S. government money, other than for taxes.

Once you saw things were looking up, then you could file bankruptcy at that time.

The goal here is we need to get you living within your income. Right now you’re living within your credit instead.

Rather than feeling in a rush to get out of your daughters and wander some more, is there some value you can bring to her life while you are there? Can you help out by maybe cleaning the place or running errands for her?

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