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When I need a break from answering questions I often take a look for some odd or interesting search terms that people used to find me. Below are some of the latest I saw today that I wanted to provide quick answers to.


Search Terms

  • will bank of america negotiate debt – Yes but debt settlement can be tricky and not available in all situations. Get a professional to assist you that is experienced in working with Bank of America.
  • i lost my job and can’t pay payday loans – Unless you get more money coming in soon to pay, it’s probably bankruptcy for you.
  • upside down mortgage and divorce settlement – Two different issues. If you are getting a divorce settlement, great! If you are upside down on your mortgage, contact your lender to see what they can do to help you. Keep records of your communications and their response.
  • cashing out a 401k – No!!!!
  • credit report settled for less – I think you are talking about how a debt settlement will be reported on your credit report. The part of the debt you don’t have to pay back will be shown as a bad debt.
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