My Credit Reports Are in Such Bad Shape That I Can’t Get Credit Anymore. – Mariana


“Dear Steve,

My credit reports are in such bad standing that I can not get any more credit. I suspect identity theft on my credit report from Equifax but can’t obtain a copy of it bc of all the fradgulent claims such as a mortgage on a home – I dont own a home.

How can i get a copy of the report if they wont give it to me since i cant verify the mortgage on it – I never took out a mortgage!?

How can i dispute this once i finally get a copy of the report?


Dear Mariana,

You need to get a copy of your consolidated credit report. This consolidated credit report is the same one I use. It contains information about you from all three major credit bureaus. A single bureau credit report is not going to do the job to find out what everyone is saying and reporting about you.

Order your credit score with the consolidated credit report when you order it online.

Once you download your report it will be in an easy to read format. Dispute instructions will be included with the consolidated credit report. The credit score section of the report will show you exactly what you need to do to improve your score.

It is a very straightforward process once you get the consolidated credit report in your hands.


Steve Rhode
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