My Sister and Mother Died and Now I Am Raising Additional Children. – Erika


“Dear Steve,

I did debt relief before when I got divorced and my husband left me with all the bills and disappeared for 4 years.

Now my situation is my Sister passed away and my Mom in the same year and out of 10 of us in the family, me being the youngest with one child, no one wanted to take the 2 children. One was a senior in high school (girl) and the boy was a sixth grader, so I took them in and am raising them now.

The girl is in college now and the boy is a junior in high school. Financially I have had it hard from day one, I am deeply in debt from getting big loans and credit cards just to buy them clothes, get her into college and just living day to day, and raising my daughter as well. I got help from no one in the family at all and I am seriously in debt. I was keeping my head above water, but now I feel like I’m drowning. I need help.

Can I get debt counseling again even if I have done it before?? Also I got a big loan from Beneficial $20,000 and can this be included in the debt consolidation???


Dear Erika,

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You have certainly been admirably responsible for your niece and nephew. It is certainly unfortunate that others in the family are not willing to lend a hand to help you but I guess it is what it is.

Even if you were in some sort of debt management plan in the past, you can certainly try to get back in. Times have changed and a second chance is possible.

But I think the bigger issue is if a debt management plan is the right approach for you to take if you are having to borrow to just keep your head above water.

The best course of action here would be for you to investigate both bankruptcy and credit counseling and then armed with the facts you can make a choice about which approach would help you to resolve the current financial problems.

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