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  • I feel my sister Teresa is being scammed by her live in Loser boyfriend James F. He has run up her credit card to the tune of 50k and more. He has recently told her he could get this debt removed from her name by having the credit card company that was issued in her name TRANSFERRED to his name and get her name removed from this debt by the transfer.

    Can this be done? If so, how and what qualifications does the person need to have that the credit card debt is being transferred to?

    Thanks, Tim Smith

    • Tim

      Sorry to say, no. The only way I can think of is if he applied, was approved and then opened new accounts with the creditors and then did a balance transfer.


  • You are a much kinder person then I am… if a parent did that to me regardless of how much I loved them I would file criminal charges. You can argue that credit can be repaired with time but so can relationships. This just isn’t even close to legal and seems so low to me.

    • Ray,

      It is a very unfortunate situation that I have seen many times over the years. The reality is that most people refuse to file criminal charges against family members and they get stuck with the debt. I’ve seen parents do it in the child’s name, children do it in the parents name and one case in particular was a women that applied for a lot of credit in the name of her father-in-law.


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