CFPB Publishes Advice if You’ve Given Someone Power of Attorney Over Your Money Matters

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) has recently published guidance that appears to have a direct connection to debt relief companies that manage the finances of others using a Power of Attorney (POA). I frequently see these types of relationship between consumers and debt relief companies, like settlement companies, and now more student loan assistance …

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Do Creditors Have The Right To Ignore A Power Of Attorney (POA)?

This guest post is from Michael Reilly from Emerge America. His post certainly does raise issues about the lack of uniformity of the Power of Attorney. I believe the answer to that question is no! Perhaps creditors should familiarize themselves with “THE UNIFORM POWER OF ATTORNEY ACT.” As many Debt Settlement Service Providers (DSSP’s) can …

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We Are Working With a Debt Settlement Company But Not Happy With Them. How Do We Switch? – Kari

“Dear Steve, Our family is currently in debt close to the amount of $20,000. We are also working with a debt settlement company however are not happy with their services. Our debt is through major credit card companies, Capital One and Bank of America. My question is regarding working with a different debt settlement company. …

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