How Can I Find a Student Loan Bankruptcy Attorney? – Katina

“Dear Steve,

Thinking about filing bankruptcy but I keep being told it will not cover student loans

How do I find a lawyer that will help me file bankruptcy that will include my student loans?


Dear Katina,

I understand what you basically want to do but I think you are asking the wrong question.

It’s a long distance between wanting to file bankruptcy and if you have student loans that are best suited to be reduced or discharged in bankruptcy. The answer is not so straight forward since every situation is different.

If you are considering bankruptcy primarily because of student loan problems then a more logical place to start would be to follow this advice first.

It is important to note that a discharge of student loans is possible and those that have the greatest success generally follow this pattern.

Dealing with student loans in bankruptcy is not an ask and receive proposition. It’s an evolving process and finding an attorney who is experienced in these issues and is a licensed attorney in your state may involve more than a several phone calls to find the right one.

One place to start is here.

I would suggest you take a step back, evaluate your entire financial situation, and then search for the right solution to get you back on the path of saving and investing for your future.

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