How Can I Find a Student Loan Bankruptcy Attorney? – Katina

“Dear Steve, Thinking about filing bankruptcy but I keep being told it will not cover student loans How do I find a lawyer that will help me file bankruptcy that will include my student loans? Katina” Dear Katina, I understand what you basically want to do but I think you are asking the wrong question. …

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While in Bankruptcy My Student Loan Balance Exploded. – Maria

“Dear Steve, When I graduated in 1998 I had approx $40,000 in stafford loans. In 2001, I had to file bankruptcy and while in bankruptcy my loans interest was compounded. Now my balance is $94,000 and the majority of the balance is interest. I feel that the interest should not have compounded while I was …

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Where Can I Get the Free List of Grants to Pay Off Student Loans? – Monica

Monica “Dear Steve, My husband went to ITT for school and got a good job. Two years later he lost it. That was when my son was born in 1990. We have not been able to pay back the school loan. We owe 65,000. ITT doubled the amount which was originally 34,000 because we could …

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