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Why is Daniel Ruggiero Associated With Credence Law Group?

Written by Steve Rhode

“Dear Steve,

I’ve been helping a relative that has been scammed into a mortgage modification by Credence Law Group. While doing some research on how to assist them I came across a website. I noticed something interesting… one of the letters they received from Credence was signed by Daniel Goldsmith Ruggiero. When I googled his name, I notice that he was also associated with Estate Law Group.

I was wondering if you had any further information on this attorney. My relatives will probably never see the $4,000 they paid this group & they are now 7 months behind on their mortgage waiting to see if a modification is approved or if they’ll have to sell their house.”

Unless there are two attorneys out there with the name Daniel Goldsmith Ruggiero then it does looks like he is associated with Credence Law Group.

It appears Ruggiero is a member of the Rhode Island Bar Association where your relatives live. If you have been unable to get anywhere with him directly in resolving any disputes, please contact the Rhode Island Bar Association and see if they might be able to help you mediate a solution. You can reach them at 401-421-5740.

The Rhode Island Bar Association does have a program, as other states to, to reimburse consumers “who have lost money or property because of theft or misappropriation by a Rhode Island attorney, and occurring in Rhode Island during the course of a client-attorney relationship.” If that applies to your situation then click here.

But the first step is always to try to workout customer service issues with the provider first. This process gives you an overview of one approach.

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Please post your responses and follow-up messages to me on this in the comments section below.


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  • I saw this posting. I have not worked with either party for a very long time. That letter from Credence you received was sent without my permission, which is one of the reasons I stopped working with them. I did assist them on certain files, but I was retained separately, but the firms. I never signed any agreements with any consumers, nor collecting monies from any of them. I’m sorry for your trouble you have experienced. You may email me directly at [email protected] and I will happily assist you with your loan modification without charge. I have assisted probably close to 50+ homeowners who worked with those entities without charge and I will gladly extend the professional courtesy to you as well.

    • I want to give a hat tip where a hat tip is due. I would like to applaud Daniel Ruggiero for taking the time to post a comment here and help the reader. In the debt relief field that is such a rare effort to step up and fix a perceived issue.

      To the consumer, please post updates in the comments as you move forward with his offer.

      I’m practically stunned. To everyone else, see, that wasn’t hard to do, was it? Just step up like DR did when a problem happens. It’s not rocket science.

      • I will post updates as they develop… you’re absolutely correct… the world would be a better place if we learned to communicate with each other… I was just as surprised… pleasantly surprise… Thank you Steve for having a place where frustrated & confused consumers can come for help… you are performing an extremely valuable service! I tip my hat to you!

      • Like Mr. Ruggiero, I am an attorney who used to work with the Credence Law Group and other debt relief companies. When I signed up for this work, the arrangement was that I would review customer files and periodically contact customers to make sure their needs were being met.

        After discovering my name on a post on this website, I have withdrawn from this line of work. In the offending post, a customer stated that I was the attorney of record on refinancing their mortgage. Not only was that not correct, I had never heard of the company.

        I am not sure whether Credence Law Group or another company I worked for was responsible, but someone was passing my name around in order to operate in my home state. Needless to say, this experience soured me on these debt refinancing companies, and I no longer do business with or for them.

    • Yes… I agree with Steve… I appreciate your willingness to “step out of the shadows”… I will be contacting your directly… I have some questions & concerns to discuss… Thank you!

  • Anyone paying thousands of dollars for a loan mod ought to have their head examined, due to the fact there are dozens & dozens of nonprofits, to include HUD who will help homeowners for free.

    • True… but the
      “professionals” prey on the desperate & uneducated…
      discussing what should have been doesn’t help… we need to correct the current
      situation, prevent it from happening in the future & report it to the
      authorities… may not get anything accomplished but it’s better than doing

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