Marc Hoffman of Hoffman Law Group to Face Bar Issues

The Hoffman Law Group is/was a Florida based company that is said to have provided foreclosure rescue services and solicited consumers for mass joinder suits against lenders. This approach has been problematic and a number of authorities have warned consumers about this type of activity.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting:

“A North Palm Beach lawyer who advertises foreclosure-rescue services is facing Florida Bar discipline for his firm’s unsolicited and “misleading” mailings to homeowners that promoted joining mass lawsuits against banks.

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Marc H. Hoffman, of the Hoffman Law Group, is alleged to have violated 10 Bar rules in marketing services that include filing lawsuits with as many as 120 plaintiffs to get lower interest rates and reduced mortgage debt.”

“Hoffman stopped using the mailers, which the Bar said weren’t clearly marked as an advertisement, and too closely resembled legal documents, shortly after an initial complaint was filed in 2012 by an Idaho bank. The Idaho Department of Finance issued a cease and desist order against the firm — called the Residential Litigation Group at the time — in November 2012.”

“In an August letter, Hoffman is questioned by the Bar about why the firm’s name was changed, whether any new partners were added, about an alleged Washington, D.C. office, about who the firm employs, why Hoffman advertised in Idaho when he’s not licensed there and exactly what services he offers.”

“In 2011, the Better Business Bureau said homeowners should “steer clear” of mailings asking them to join national lawsuits to force their mortgage companies to cut their loan payments. The Federal Trade Commission followed a year later with its own warning, going so far as to call the lawsuits “scams.”

If you are interested, you can read the full PBP article, here.

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