My Sallie Mae Loan in Default is No Longer Listed. – Katherine

“Dear Steve,

One of my loans is no longer listed on my sallie Mae account, or so it appears. I am not entirely positive what is happening, because I had a forbearance in effect, but I am wondering if it didn’t address all of my loans, because when I went back in to set things up since the forbearance is ending, it appeared like one of my loans was no longer listed.

Do loans in default no longer appear on your sallie mae account?


Dear Katherine,

I’ve been helping people with money troubles for a couple of decades now. One lesson I’ve learned is there are very few debts that simply vanish.

The odds are the debt is somewhere and will resurface. It could be Sallie Mae has sold your debt to a debt buyer and collections will begin again.

Rather than wonder or guess I’d set aside a few minutes to call Sallie Mae and try to get to the bottom of the status of the loan. Always better to know in advance than be blindsided later on.

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