Why Can My College Keep My Transcript Hostage? – Kimberly

“Dear Steve,

I seen a question that a guy asked you about owing a college and them holding his transcripts. I am in the same boat. I owe a private college in nyc a little less than 7,000 and I got my Associates Degree, I want to go get my Bachelors but its holding me back because I can not get my transcripts , What can I do? I seen you say talk to the organization that accredited them, How can I do that? I have tried to talk to the school but they will not give me official transcripts until the debt is paid off and that’s just not going to happen any time soon.

What are my options , being that I have a Associates Degree with them?, I think I have about 67 credits.


Dear Kimberly,

Well it sounds like you know what to do but not sure who to contact. I’m afraid even asking the State of New York for help might be a slim chance of getting the transcript. However it’s worth a shot.

Even State schools in New York clearly say on their transcript request form, “No transcript will be furnished to a student or alumnus who has outstanding financial obligations.” – Source

Think of the transcript as collateral. They know you will have to settle or resolve your bill to get the transcript. It’s their leverage over you so they get paid what they are owed. Otherwise people would get the transcript and skip on the bills.

The New York State Education Department can be reached at (518) 474-3852.

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