Anyone Know for Sure About World Law and Global Client Solutions?

I received the following message from a reader and it brought up an interesting issue.

“My understanding is as follows; Global Client Solutions recently entered into a settlement agreement with the CFPB. Among other things, under that agreement, GCS is barred from providing “substantial assistance” to any debt relief services provider. Thus, World Law Group and GCS terminated their relationship -this has led to the Attorney Trust Account bullshit. Also, GCS has apparently refused to turn over consumers’ funds to World Law, even when World Law had purportedly obtained authorization from some consumers for the transfer of funds. Instead, GCS is apparently issuing refund checks to all World Law consumers of moneys that are in consumers’ GCS accounts”

The issue about the World Law Group attorney trust accounts, I covered here.

Now wouldn’t that be an unexpected outcome if GCS really did refuse to transfer money to World Law.

Anyone have any more information on this? Is it true?


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