Debt Relief Industry Do They Comply?

Debt Free Student Runs Most Unbelievably Dumb Advertisement

Written by Steve Rhode

A reader forwarded an advertisement they saw on Facebook for a student loan assistance company called Debt Free Student.

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Apparently they didn’t get the memo on using President Obama likeness in debt relief advertising. I’m sure the FTC is going to love seeing this one.

Debt Free Student says they are located at 1200 Main Street, Suite G, Irvine, CA 92614 and they are a registered corporation with the State of California. They registered on June 10, 2014.

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So according to the advertisement on Facebook, below, President Obama is feeling blue and says you can “Eliminate Your Federal Student Loans with the Obama Loan Forgiveness.

Alleged Facebook advertisement a reader sent in for Debt Free Student.

Alleged Facebook advertisement a reader sent in for Debt Free Student.

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  • The good news is here is that the novelty has worn off on these.. a lot of people are writing in the comments on these ads that it’s a scam, or fake. On one of the ads, two of the people commenting both worked at the Dept. of Ed and were encouraging people to go to the real sites to apply for free.

    I’ll say it again… the debt relief people who tried to fit the square peg of the upfront debt settlement model into the round hole of student loan repayment vastly underestimated the intelligence of US college grads. As Esther said, it is unfortunate because the most uninformed consumers will be the ones falling for this.. like the ones who already got ripped in the for-profit education system.

  • That’s both ridiculous and sad. Ridiculous because they are obviously clueless and sad because many debtors who are drowning with be scammed out of their money.

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