I Am Pregnant and in Debt in the UAE But Will Not Be Able to Pay My Bills for Ten Months. – Leifam


“Dear Steve,

This is how the story goes,i have 2loans and 3credit cards with a local and international bank and my debts sums up to $13,000. I am currently working here in Dubai, UAE. And as we all know that UAE law with the debtors are so tight that they put everybody in jail who ever fails to pay their bills.

I am pregnant at the moment and soon to be married next month or sooner since I am here in a muslim country but since my company doesnt provide any medical coverage to pregnant staffs, I have to resign from my job and go home. but since my husband to be was in qatar (which is also a GCC), I planned to quit my job and go to him after we get married and have our license to be together.

I am a good payer to all of my debts. now my plan is like this I have thought to stop my payments at those banks for a couple of months say 10months, cause I don’t have any plans of running away to all my debts for I will not be able to live my life pleasurably. I am planning to resume the payments after i give birth and find a new job.

Is it possible to pause or stop a loan and credit card payment and went on after a couple of months?


Dear Leifam,

You certainly have a number of issues going on. Even giving birth as an unwed mother in UAE can create some legal issues for you as well.

If you’re in this position, you’ll be in a bit of trouble. There are many cases of unmarried mothers in Dubai ending up in jail (with their baby) after delivery, followed by deportation on completion of their sentence. Rather than end up in that situation, you can either leave the country and go to your home country, or get married. Bear in mind that there are flying restrictions depending on how close to delivery you are so if you are unlikely to get married before giving birth, get your exit from the UAE organised as soon as possible.

Government hospitals in Dubai will probably give you a hard time if you go for maternity care without a marriage certificate and possibly notify the police. You’ll definitely have a problem if you try and give birth while still unmarried. Source

Solely based on reports from other debtors in the UAE it might be best to get out of the country before you fall behind in your payments. Since Qatar is part of the GCC (The Gulf Cooperation Council members are: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates) it may be easier to find you there. But given the options of being an unwed mother in the UAE and unable to pay your bills or in Qatar and married to your husband and dealing with the debt from there, that might be better solution.

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Once you leave the UAE and your debts fall past due, criminal charges will be filed against you in the UAE and it you attempt to come back into the country before the debt situation is resolved, your passport will be seized and you will be thrown in jail.

At the first possible moment that you and your husband can afford to repay this debt, contact the bank in UAE and make arrangement to do so. Fleeing the country keeps you out of jail. It doesn’t resolve the situation.


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4 thoughts on “I Am Pregnant and in Debt in the UAE But Will Not Be Able to Pay My Bills for Ten Months. – Leifam”

  1. Dear Steve,

    My problem is the same with Daniela; but the main reason for not coming back to Dubai after one month holidays is that can’t anymore pay the monthly dues of 4 bank loand & 7 credit cards.  It means that my salary is not enough for the monthly payments of this liabilities.

    During first month of default of payment, each collecting bank agents keep on calling me even to the rest of my relatives and keep threatening me for a police case. To make it short, I ignore them all and change my contact number so no one can bother me.  Since I have still friends in Dubai who are still friends thru thick and thin, they still amnaged to tell me that even  my sponsor summoned me for absconding and for qualified thief; and that they’re telling me that I have already in the watchlist  in the interpool.  Thanks God, I been living in the Philippines for almost 2 yrs now and I always took this NBI clearance & police clearance every three months as mandated by the company I currently working with, my records are clear and have no deregatory records.

    I’m planning to work overseas again in due time somewhere in Libya or Iraq or any other Asian Countries excep to GCC member countries.

    My questions are:

    1.  Is it alright for me to travel to Libya eventhough it’s an Arab country?
    2.  What are those countries considered as GCC? What country is this “Persian Gulf”:
    3.  Has Dubai bank no jurisdiction regarding non payment of debts to your home country?

    Awaiting your advise.

    Thanks and regards.

    Phil Manuel

  2. Hi steve i just need some advices from you, i’m in debt with different banks in dubai, i went home for my vacation but unexpected things happened and the doctor didnt allow me to travel since dubai is 10-12 hours travel from my home country due to my condition i left my debt in dubai for 3 months now, i resigned in the company where i worked in dubai and i send my passport to dubai to have a proper cancellation. i prioritize my health and now i’m having past due, banks in dubai is keep on sending me messages in my dubai sim… now i’m planning to look for a job again so that i can able to continue paying my loans and credit cards that i had left in dubai, I gave instruction to my previous employer to pay one of my credit card instead of sending my final settlement amounting around 10,500dhs. I have a friend in singapore and she will help me and recommend me to his employer to work in their company, is it possible for me to go to singapore? do you think singapore immigration will stop me from entering the country???? is Interpol will be involve with my case? do you think i will get international ban from running my debt? what will be the consequences of fleeing uae with debt??? please i need your advice.. thank you very much

    • Daniela,

      I am not aware of any international travel ban resulting from a police action for debt in Dubai except in the GCC countries. No other country cares, including Singapore. The consequences appear to be chased by collections and you cant’s go back to the UAE and would need to be careful traveling to any of the other GCC countries.

      Hopefully you are feeling better now.



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